Joomla Template Construction – The Explanation and the XML File

Because of the programming of Joomla, making a format to control the styling and design of your layout can be something that may get to be essential as you advance along the way of your own Joomla site, this is the prior minute dissatisfaction starts. As controlling the numerous elements of a Joomla format in no simple accomplishment at initial, a Joomla layout comprises of a xml document containing the establishment guidelines. A CSS styling sheet to handle the styling of the considerable number of articles, divs, frames and so on lastly the index.php document. energize themes download-34

There are numerous different records that might be utilized as a part of for the format however the above rundown shows the center documents required while making a Joomla layout. Presently to talk about how I would by and large begin the programming of a format.

I start with the XML document as this is the record that should contain the directions for Joomla to introduce the record, this documents can turn into a stock standard duplicate and glue for the formats you build, in any case if there any records that were utilized as a part of the past layout and not in the new format you should expel them from the XML record or you will locate a ghastly mistake when you attempt to introduce the format in the backend of Joomla.

Beginning code:

The code underneath must be utilized at the absolute starting point of the layout. As this is expected to approve the code utilized as a part of the record.

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>

<!DOCTYPE introduce PUBLIC “-/Joomla! 1.5//DTD layout 1.0//EN” “ install.dtd”>

The following segment tell Joomla what it is introducing.

<install version=”1.5″ type=”template”>

At that point come the subtle elements of the format

<name>The layouts name</name>


<author>Your Name</author>

<authorEmail><a href=””></a></authorEmail>

<authorUrl>Your URL</authorUrl>

<copyright>The Copyright Info</copyright>



<description>The portrayal of the Template</description>

The following segment advises Joomla what documents should be introduced with the format this contains both individual records and also envelopes that Joomla will introduce. Every one of the documents utilized for the format must be recorded if the document is not recorded Joomla won’t introduce the record which may give back a blunder or cause your layout to breakdown.







This areas tells Joomla which positions you are utilizing as a part of this format, the names for the positions are totally to you. As they are controlled by the file record. So make position names you are alright with and you will utilize over and over, however as I have developed as a developer so has the names and measure of positions I utilize. The underneath recorded positions are standard to Joomla are numerous software engineers utilize particular positions for particular modules. For instance client 4 is for the most part utilized for the pursuit module.














The Final segment is the parameters segment, this is utilized to permit the backend to control certain territories of the layout or option hues for the format. It can likewise be utilized to control the examination inclusion.



Guarantee that you end the establishment off with the accompanying tag.


This is the very nuts and bolts of a Templates XML record, this document contains the directions for Joomla when introducing the layout to your Joomla site.

The following article will demonstrate what the fundamental development of the list .php record.

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